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Eastern Association

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The Eastern Association, part of the Southeast Area Associations, of the Michigan Conference, United Church of Christ consists of 11 churches north and northeast of Detroit. Many of these congregations date back to the 1800's. * Click on "Contact us" at the left side of the page for directions to our office, and other information or "Calendar" for staff schedules, office closings, events, meetings,.

To find a local church, click on the Eastern Association tab at the top of this page choose "Churches in Eastern Association" for a list with all church names with links to their websites.

Our Office hours are 9am to 4pm Tuesday through Friday. You may mail, fax or e-mail, your church's events information for upcoming events for posting on the website "News" page.

If you have any questions send them to Thank you.


For the time and location of the next meeting of the Eastern Association Council, please contact the Moderator.

Present Officers:

President/Moderator- Rev. Rob Hunter
Vice Moderator - Ms. Viola Barr
Treasurer - Mr. Michael Callahan
Secretary - Mrs. Connie Habermehl

Commission on Church and Ministry:

Class of 2012 - Rev. Jane Rathman (Chairperson), Ms. Barb Frandrick, Mr. Charles Schacht, and Rev. Rob Hunter (fill-in)
Class of 2013 - Rev. Michelle Brown and Mr. Don Robertson

The Eastern Association Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the months of Sept, November, January, March & May.


For the time and location of the next meeting of the Eastern Associaiton Council, please contact the Moderator.


Remember- Every member of every church in the Eastern Association is welcome to attend this meeting.

The Eastern Clergy Meet on the third Thursday of each month for mutual prayer, discussion and support durring the school year months: September-May.

If you have News to share;
email to: or mail to:

Eastern Association
P.O. Box 21850
Detroit, MI 48221-0850

You may also contact the Southeast Area Office by phone: (313) 864-1411, or fax: (313) 864-1783