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Detroit, MI 48221-0850

Phone: 313/864 1411 

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Resources Mission Area Team

RESOURCES MAT                                             


Meets 2nd and 4th Monday at 12:00 pm via conference call

(in person when necessary)
Facilitator: Mr. E.J. Joier
Phone #
Call-in Number: 1-219-509-8222
Access Code: 534199
Mission Statement: Maximizing Resources is the primary focus of the team. We
look for fundraising, grants, tools or other resources for members in the
network. We also seek new ways to collaborate, share and enhance what each
member’s church, ministry and missionary teams are doing. The online website for
the association is the core tool by which we link together to fulfill our
mission. The team is loosely organized and each member is encouraged to offer
their creativity, time and services in ways that are fulfilling and
life-giving.  The team seeks those who are looking to offer their gifts to a
wider network.



Detroit Metropolitan Association creates and evaluates available resources and communicates and shares these with local congregations through all available media.


The Resources Mission Team will operate entirely online and will meet in teleconference settings weekly (Mondays) beginning June 7th 2010 at Noon.  Each session will begin with ½ hour of prayer and all are invited to join us via telephone.  The conference number is: 606.703.0000 Access Number 5342637


We collectively create the process, purpose and use of the interactive website built on the concept of being a RESOURCE for the Missions/Ministries of the church.  We will find ways to equip, empower and support all persons who are seeking to manifest new ministries or expand existing ministries of the church.


We offer this and all we do as a RESOURCE to all, It is our hope that as we move into the future that we all find new and innovative ways to do God’s work in this community.  Indeed, doing the work that God intends is and MUST always be first and foremost in our hearts and minds as we do the work of the association.


Should we be empowered to operate under the new mission team structure today, we will begin the process of building an online community for the benefit of all individuals and member churches.  We will use the theory and structure of Appreciative Inquiry as the foundation of the process as this will open the way for:

  • The content to greatly reflect the shared values of the DMA and UCC members
  • The process to inspire a sense of own-ness of the site by users and members
  • The site to grow dynamically and continue to present all the best and brightest moments of the past, ever-present now and the future
  • The organization to further depend its ability to LIVE Appreciative Inquiry by constantly seeking to present to the world all that is hopeful and good in the DMA





The current tools which will be made available to Resources Mission Team Members as we create an interactive website are:


Hipchat an new application which will allow up to 120 people to chat online simultaneously


Instant Conference is a tool, which we will use to teleconference with up to 150 at once.


An online demographic tool purchased by the Conference is available to all member churches to look deep into their communities and see what ministries are MISSING in ministries.

Go to Meeting will allow us to meet online for up to 6 hours  with up to 150 or more