DMA Social Justice Meeting - January 17



The next DMA Social Justice "Sacred Conversations" will be a Telephone Meeting NEXT WEEK Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 7pm.  Please use the usual call-in number: (605)475-3235;  when prompted, enter the access code:  307172# (don't forget the # sign ).  Quality is best when not using a speaker phone and you leave your phone on mute when not speaking.

STAND UP FOR JUSTICE!  Join with the annual WOMEN'S MARCH on Saturday January 19th! This year the main march in Michigan will be in Detroit at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History at 315 East Warren Ave starting at 11am.  Other options in Michigan include the Diag at the University of Michigan, 500 State Street, Ann Arbor starting at 2pm and at the Michigan State University Union, 49 Abbot Road, East Lansing starting at 1pm.  The National Women's March in Washington, D.C. will start on Saturday January 19th at 10am.  For more information on this option, click HERE. All are invited; we all need to work together - men, women, elders and young people - and take a stand for Justice for Everyone!  One option for transportation might be to meet at CCB at 10am and carpool to the Wright Museum, or take the FAST Bus at the SW corner of Woodward and 12 Mile Rd down to Warren Ave and an ~ 3 block walk to the museum.  Call Paul von Oeyen at (248) 891-7509 to discuss transportation options or to connect at the march at the museum.


REV DR MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY COMMEMORATION MONDAY JANUARY 21st! Among several options are the 16th Annual MLK DAY RALLY and MARCH for "JOBS, PEACE & JUSTICE" this year at the Historic St. Matthew's St. Joseph's Episcopal Church, 8550 Woodward Ave, Detroit on Monday, January 21st starting with a Rally at 12 Noon.  This will be followed with a March through the neighborhood at 1:30 pm and concluding with a Community meal and Cultural event at 3:00 pm.  Volunteers are needed to help with various tasks before and during the start of the Rally:  staffing sign-up tables, ushers, light table setup, etc.  To help, please call Dorothy at (313) 405-2185.  Again, one option for transportation is the Woodward FAST Bus. Donations can be made by clicking HERE.


THE WALL AND THE SHUTDOWN.  We all pray that our leaders in Washington will come to their senses and end this totally unnecessary and  tremendously harmful partial Government shut-down!  It is outrageous as the "walls" seem to be closing ever tighter on the Special Counsel's investigation of this President's Untruths and Misdeeds, that he distracts by manufacturing a border crisis holding hostage both hundreds of innocent Refugees and the paychecks of hundreds of thousands of federal workers simply to pander to a shrinking base of support to build "his wall"!


Hope to hear from you NEXT WEEK Thursday January 17th at 7pm!