Detroit Metropolitan Association  (DMA)


The Detroit Metropolitan Association (DMA) is part of the Southeast Area Associations of the Michigan Conference, United Church of Christ and consists of 28 churches with 8 within the Detroit city limits and the others in the surrounding area. To find a church in your area click on the tab at the top of the page and choose "Our Churches'. . Click on the name of the church and you will be connected to the churches' website or to a page with information about the church. 

It is governed by a Linking Board and seven Mission Area Teams.  

Linking Board Executive Officers 2016 -2017:​​​​​​​


Vice Moderator:   




Church & Ministry Chair:  

Board of Directors:  

Clerical Support Person:    

Rev. Dr. Gary Bennett

Jeff Wardford

Catherine Freeman

Rev. Paul Holmes

Angela Jamison

Rev. Louise Ott

Rev. George Bozanich


Mission Area Teams (MAT) 2016 -2017:

   Church and Ministry

   DMA Women of Metro Detroit



   Led by the Spirit


   Social Justice

The Mission of the Detroit Metropolitan Association (DMA) is to reach out and accept people wherever they are on their life's journey and to empower and serve United Church of Christ faith communities with the goal of becoming multi-cultural radically inclusive churches.  

These Mission Area Teams (MAT) serve on the DMA linking Board and represent the voices of their churches and their community.  They are the Outreach team on a mission to provide the services needed in accordance with the DMA Mission.  All are invited and encourage to participate in one or many of the Mission Teams.

Our Office hours are 10am to 2pm Tuesday and Thursday. The Newsletter is now being published only twice a year  prior to Associations' Meetings.   All pertinent Newsletter information will also be posted here on the website "News" page. Click  on "Contact Us" tab for directions to our office, Click on "Our Churches for  "Calendar" for staff schedules, office closings, or "Activities' for events & Church  and MAT meetings, conferences, etc.

DMA Linking Board


Rev. Dr. Gary Bennett


Mr. Jeffrey Wardford 

Vice Moderator

Catherine Freeman 

Recording Secretary

Rev. Paul Holmes


Ms. Angela Jamison - Registrar

Rev. Dr. Renee Jackson - Associate Conference Minister

Ms. Judith Booker - State Moderator

Rev. Louise Ott - Church and Ministry MAT Facilitator

Ms. Mamie Cokley - Investment Coordinator

Rev. Dr. Blandina Rose-Willis - Church and Ministry

Ms. Akua Budu-Watkins - DMA Women of Metro Detroit

Dr. Paul von Oeyen - DMA Social Justice MAT Facilitator

Ms. Nina Trump - Inclusiveness MAT Facilitator